Prowater+ replacement cartridges can be purchased for only £69.00 including VAT and postage for a pack of 2.

Call 0800 6444 766 to order yours today.

How do I keep my ProCompact+ working?

Simply replace the cartridges after 40,000 litres of water have passed through.

The ProCompact+ is fitted with a clever electronic alarm that will let you know when this is due. It’s simple to do and will maintain the protection to your complete home needs.

Prowater+ refill cartridges have been specially designed to make them very easy to replace.


Replacement cartridges can be ordered by telephoning

0800 6444 766

How do I workout how many cartridges I will need per year?

Our cartridges are long life with an average life expectancy of 40,000 litres or 40m3 per cartridge. Estimated water usage per person per day can vary, on average each person uses around 110 litres per day. Therefore 1 person should use approximately 1 cartridge per year making it easy to work out how many cartridges are required for your house hold.

The difference between traditional block salt water softeners and the ProCompact+

The below figures in Table 1 are based on an average family of four who use roughly one pack of block salt every 2 weeks. The rates applied to the ‘water used per regeneration’ have been calculated at regeneration taking place every two days (in reality most modern block salt water softeners regenerate every day, sometimes more than once). The associated ‘cost of regeneration’ have been calculated at £0.003 pence per litre allowing for both clean water for regeneration as well as water also disposed of during the regeneration cycle. 

The average family of four could save a minimum of £25.75 annually when compared against block salt water softeners. The example images also show you save more than just money when it comes to storage, making the ProCompact+ a smart move in a modern world where storage space is preimum.

Table 1:
A comparison against another popular water treatment device

Example 1

Block Salt
(6 Months Usage)

Example 2

(6 Months Usage)

The prowateradvantages compared to traditional water softeners
  • Easy to fit and requires no electricity.
  • Does not waste water, as it does not need to be flushed for regeneration.
  • Affordable to buy and cheap to run.
  • Overall is more environmentally friendly.
  • Leaves important minerals available in the water for the body to use.
  • Needs no separate drinking water feed as prowater+ treated water is 100% safe to drink.
  • It’s easy to maintain as cartridges are easy to store and change.
  • Extends the life of appliances: dishwashers, washing machine, central heating system, boiler etc.
  • Glasses and cutlery stay like new.
  • Cleaner bathroom, shower and kitchen.
  • Recommended for sensitive or irritated skins.
  • Tackling limescale saves energy, reducing costs on energy bills.
  • Save up to 30% of your normal soap and cleaning products.