Your Frequently Asked Question’s Answered

Q: Is it correct that prowater+ offers a Free Lifetime Guarantee?

A: Yes, you can activate the free lifetime guarantee by registering your product via this website. Guarantee covers free replacement of any part, with the exception of replacement cartridges, electric sensor, batteries and labour. Parts will be sent free of charge to all UK mainland addresses by mail. Prowater+ can ask faulty parts to be returned by user.

Q: How does the treatment of water work with prowater+?

Prowater+ adds a small quantity of a food grade formulation to the water flow less than 5 ppm (parts per million), which neutralises (seals) the Calcium and Magnesium, preventing and stopping the formation of limescale and their damaging results.

Q: What is the advantage of the ProCompact+?

A: The ProCompact+ is developed for the smallest spaces. By installing the system directly after the main stopcock it provides a complete home solution in the fight against limescale and corrosion. Therefore it is ideal for protecting a single boiler or other equipment. The ProCompact+ has an integrated filter mesh to catch impurities. Recommended advice is to clean this filter when you replace your dosing cartridge or earlier when you notice reduction in flow rate.

Q: Can I use ProCompact+ as a POE (Point of Entry) complete home solution?

A: Yes, ProCompact+ is very capable of treating all the water for your whole house. Only bear in mind that the pre filter mesh might need an extra clean when your water contains high volume of impurities (often showing by water colouring brown).

Q: What is polyphosphate?

A: Polyphosphate is a food-grade (consumable) product and approved by the WHO and FAO. It is being used in the food processing industry for cheese, meat, fish, wine and other products. It is 100% safe and suitable for the treatment of (drinking) water.

Q: What does the Prowater+ system do with the Calcium in the water?

A: Prowater+ does not remove Calcium or Magnesium from the water as these minerals are crucial to the human body (bones). In several countries water companies have to make sure that Calcium is not eliminated or removed from their systems. Prowater+ seals the Calcium so it cannot stick on the inside of pipework, equipment or on sanitaryware. By treating water in this way, your body will always receive enough of these important minerals. You will have the benefits of Calcium, but not the deposits.

Q: Will prowater+ remove or eliminate Calcium from the water?

A: No, prowater+ removes the Calcium by a patented dosing system. This way Calcium remains available for consuming. The seal will naturally be broken down by the human body when drinking water. Prowater+ is food grade, 100% safe for drinking water and environmentally friendly.

Q: Is prowater+ safe?

A: Yes! The prowater+ method is a completely safe way to treat (drinking) water and is safe for human consumption according to the WHO* and FAO* recommendations and in accordance with the international norm for drinking water to the British Standard BS-EN 1212, EC regulations standard (EN 1208).

*WHO / FAO (World Health Organisation / Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations).

Q: What happens when water dries up?

A: When water dries up the Calcium will be available again. The reason for this is that the Calcium has to remain available for the human body (crucial for healthy bones). The Calcium however will not stick to surfaces and can be removed very easily (even with a dry cloth) due to the prowater+ seal which has been formed during the treatment. This way it will save a lot of cleaning work.

Q: Do I still have to clean my taps and sanitaryware?

A: Unfortunately prowater+ cannot clean your kitchen and bathroom for you. However you will experience the difference! You will notice that cleaning is easier and quicker. The prowater+ protection seal will make sure no limescale can stick and can be removed within seconds, leaving you more time for other activities.

Q: What is the advantage of prowater+ compared to other ways of water treatment?

A: Prowater+ has many advantages compared to others: Easy to fit and no electricity required. Prowater+ does not waste water (other systems often have to flush regularly (regenerate) which flushes away many litres of valuable (drinking) water. Prowater+ is environmentally friendly, uses no salt and is low in purchasing and maintenance costs. Please look for all advantages on the other pages of our website.

Q: Is installation of prowater+ difficult?

A: No, Prowater+ is easy to install. Almost all of our installs are completed within an hour.

Q: How do I go about getting the ProCompact+ installed?

A: To book your install of the ProCompact+ please call 0800 6444 766 today, where a friendly memeber of the prowater+ team will arrange your install date with you.

Q: Where can I buy cartridges for my ProCompact+?

A: Replacement cartridges for the ProCompact+ can be purchased through our website (see ‘Replacement Cartidges’ page listed above) or by telephoning 0800 6444 766.

Q: How often do I need to replace my ProCompact+ cartridge?

A: One replacement dosing cartridge will treat approximately 40m3 = 40,000 litres of water. This is an average of only one cartridge per person per year. In a household of four people the cartridge will approximatley need replacing every three months. On registration through this website we can remind you when it’s time to replace your cartridge, or you can sign up to our Direct Debit scheme and pay a monthly fee and then we will dispatch your cartridges (in packs of two) so they are ready for when you need them.

Q: How do I know that my cartridge needs replacing?

A: You can check the level of the cartridge visually, the housing and the cartridges have been made transparent for this purpose. But you also have peace of mind that the electric sensor will alert you as to when your cartridge will need replacing.

Q: Will the replacement cartridge work immediately after replacement?

A: Yes, the new cartridge will immediately create a new solution and will work instantly. The powder will shrink and the level of the powder will drop while the system creates the dosing fluid. You might experience some mixed water/air coming from your taps during the first few litres. This is normal.

Q: I have used 40,000 litres however the dosing cartridge is not empty yet?

A: After 40,000 litres, the formulation which treats the Calcium will be used. To keep your system working to the maximum we advise you to change the cartridge after 40,000 litres.

Q: How often do I need to clean my prefilter mesh?

A: Of course the quality of your water is the most important factor. We advise to check your prefilter mesh every month visually and to clean it when needed. We do strongly advise to clean your prefilter mesh on replacing the dosing cartridge (after 40,000 litres) or every three months.

Q: Does prowater+ also work while heating (boiling) water?

A: Also at higher temperatures prowater+ protects against the build up of limescale. Elements in boilers and heating equipment (60-65 Degrees Celcius) will be protected. At temperatures above 100 Degrees Celcius the effectiveness will be reduced as water will become steam. This way the Calcium will become visible again, however it can be removed very easily as it will not stick to surfaces due to the prowater+ treatment method.

Q: I have separate hot and cold water supply entering my house. What can I do ?

The ProCompact+ can be mounted in all piping systems with a supply temperature of 1 to 40 degrees Celsius. In almost all cases of hot water supply, the temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius. However, the ProCompact+ can always be mounted normally in your cold water supply, so that your household equipment is still protected (your water heating equipment is always connected with cold water anyway) and you also experience the other benefits of the prowater+ system.

Hopefully the above Frequently Asked Question’s have helped answer any queries you may have about the prowater+ system. However should you have any further questions, or if you wish to book your install please call 0800 6444 766 today. A member of the prowater+ team will be happy to help.